Savoir Faire released today!! Click for Official Music Video

Savoir Faire Single Art midtown social

We are SOOOO excited to be releasing our new Single Savoir Faire today for all of you. The Music Video was filmed at the historic bar The Stud in San Francisco. Special thanks to all those below.

Directed by Grégoire Thiry

Technical Crew: Peter Cavallero, Jerry Kam, Karim Patterson,
Luoi Conde

Dance Choreography by Abagail Fritz

Olivia Eng, Laurel Fanya, Ebonie Barnett, Tulani Weeks
Dazaun Soleyn

Dance Soloists:
Nes Marco Morales, Jon Leezy Amor, Cecilia Slongo, Gabriel Magni, Marina “Nurse Boogy” Stankv-Hodge

Huge shout-out to The STUD & their team
Siobhan Aluvalot
Terry Haywood
Jesse Parsons