Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) 25 year Anniversary Party!!!!

On July 16, join us in San Francisco to celebrate 25 years of digital freedom with the Electronic Frontier Foundation! Since 1990, EFF attorneys, activists, and technologists—alongside volunteers, members, and donors—have worked to protect essential constitutional rights as digital technologies have transformed our lives. From defending against unreasonable searches and seizures of computers to challenging the NSA’s mass surveillance programs, EFF fights for the users.

The minicon will begin at noon, a series of panels about online rights, complete with crypto trainings and hacking challenges. Then, at 8 pm, join us for EFF’s 25th Anniversary Party, featuring music by Midtown Social, Dual Core, and A Plus D, as well toasts and the excellent company of the digital rights community, hosted by emcees Wil Wheaton and Cory Doctorow!starburst-910-2b